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Lloyd Kuhnle (Due To A Website "Realignment", All Travel Information, Has Crashed, And Burned)
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Introducing, for the first time, the latest innovation in
national defense. This is the brainchild of, developed
with pride, and loyalty by, the new, and improved, -
"ULTRA Electronics Design and Development Team"
(Following the corporate mandated "realignment")

"Freud didn't find the cure." "Freud invented the disease." - Phil Spector (1939 - )

"Ethics starts at the top." "No F%#&ing way."- Lloyd Kuhnle (1952 - )

"Steal a little, and they throw you in jail. "Steal a lot, and they make you king." - Bob Dylan (1941 - )

"The line between genius and insanity, is thin." - Lloyd Kuhnle (1952 - )

"It's never just a game when you're winning." 
George Carlin (1937 - 2008)

"Wise men speak because they have something to say,
fools because they have to say something." - Plato

"The devil's voice is sweet to hear". - Stephen King

"I have dined with kings, I've been offered wings. But I've never been too impressed." - Bob Dylan

"Most people are incompetent."
- Lloyd Kuhnle, (1952 - )

"He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan - (1941 - )

NOTE: The building on the left, is CTI, after the Ultra take over.

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DELTA Airlines "Realignment"

As a testament to the strategy of “Realignment”, the example
below clearly illustrates it’s business sense, and success.

ULTRA Electronics acquired this prosperous shopping hub,
and within months, was able to save millions in payroll
dollars, after many key employees made their own voluntary
decision to step down, and pursue alternate challenges,
and opportunities.

Note that ZERO layoffs ever occurred!
"Realignment" - The sign of success. (The ULTRA way)

(The recent history of a company called CTI)

CTI, a once great company, in business for more than
40 years, has been brought down to what is now, no
more than skeletal remains. It has been destroyed by
the mismanagement of it's new owner, an unscrupulous
foreign dictatorship, going by the name of:

------------------ULTRA ELECTRONICS-----------------

Without even the slightest knowledge of what CTI does,
and the incredible efficient machine it had developed
into, they destroyed it all in the time frame of 1 day!
This is a company that has absolute zero loyalty to any
employee, and has absolute zero ethics, while it preaches

Remember - "Ethics starts at the top" - NOT!
How is it even, that a foreign entity, that calls itself
a company, buy an American Security & Defense
Organization??? Why is that even allowed???
This is a question that must be researched!!!

The house that Jack built, has turned into:
The house that ULTRA destroyed!!!

The following, is a brief history, laying out the chain
of events, that took place at the once great company
called Communication Techniques INC.

The beginning of the end, started approx. 7 years ago.
In order for a couple of the top brass to make a quick
buck, CTI was sold, by one great ethical company, called
Dover Technologies. It was purchased by a not so squeaky
clean at the time, company called Herley Industries.
It was shortly after that time, that the EW tenure began,
and the face of CTI was forever changed.

The backlog was starting to go down. At the same time, Herley
was in process of shutting down the Farmingdale facility.
(All the easy stuff from there went to Israel) To give CTI the
shot in the arm that it needed, JM moved a few Farmingdale jobs
there. That gave CTI between 5 and 7 years of guaranteed business,
and, changed it from a $10 million company, to a $16 million
company. All is good for CTI now - or is it?.

Not counting any other business, CTI at that point had a $16.5
million backlog. What seemed great at the time, kind of started
the whole downward spiral. Except for one "working" salesman
who was bringing in somewhat steady business, but not enough
to keep up with the shipments. Over the next 6 or so years,
CTI's backlog was almost a perfect diagonal line, running from
$16.5M, to $2M. (The production manager did a great job with
shipments) The other 2 stooges in sales, turned into Amazon
salesman, just waiting for the phone to ring. EW seemed to want
no part of the commercial side of the business, which was once the
core business of CTI.

Scroll down to continue reading.

Who was it that said, ULTRA Electronics doesn't
supply it's staff with company cars?! The PO has
already been signed, to purchase an entire fleet
of these honeys below:
CTI - Before The "Realignment":
CTI - After The "Realignment":
CTI - The Good Old Days:
Teaching In The Philippines:
The image below, is an artists conception, of the
final moments, of Delta, flight # 666, following
Delta's recent corporate mandated “Realignment”.
Delta's CFO is happy to report to stockholders, that
over $2.7 million, is predicted to be saved annually.

Since our IT guy decided to seek opportunities elsewhere,
he now has more time to enjoy the summer fun.

REMEMBER: “Realignment” = Downward Spiral

(The recent history of a company called CTI)

During the first wave of layoffs, yes layoffs, not step downs,
the only working member of the sales team was let go! You read
right! Now comes the hard part to believe - His email was turned
off, and none of his customers, or reps that he worked with, were
ever even notified of his absence. Customers are emailing in orders
that are going nowhere. The very first thing I told the director
of manufacturing, was, I hope our relatively portly FAT T, err, I
mean IT guy, has a system in place, such that all emails that
are coming in to the laid off working salesman, are automatically
forwarded to the remaining, non-working sales team. Common sense
right!? Nothing was done! That should be against the law in any
organization! (Heads should have rolled)

Where was EW? Where was the 4 Million Dollar Man? They had so long
to fix the problem, but did nothing. I can’t figure out what the
4 Million Dollar Man does to make the big bucks. Alas - he
decided to step down.

Instead of focusing on the CTI core business, and taking zero
advice from the production supervisor, EW and sales just wanted
to hit that home run, and book a $50M job. They put all their eggs
one basket, and failed time and again. CTI has no website of it's
own. CTI got lost in the cracks, and is buried within an ULTRA
Electronics website, that no one here in the US ever heard of.
No catalog / no website / and very little advertising in the
technical journals. That’s the way to do it!

The Director Of Engineering developed a few great converters,
but sales, just to get bookings, grossly under priced them.
(They get credit for sales, not profit) I never understood that.

Some time back a while, KRATOS, (the next owner of Herley, after
another company buyout), sold most of Herley Enterprises, except
the "gravy money" part, to ULTRA Electronics. With the sales pitch
of a $200M job in the works, that we are sure to get, Ultra
gladly grossly overpaid for us. The CEO of KRATOS made a killing!
During the past few years, the backlog was still dropping. Ultra
was not monitoring that I guess. Then when the monthly shipments,
and forecasts for new shipments went from around $1.2M, to around
$500k, Ultra freaked out, and instead of fixing the problem,
they shot from the hip, and wanted all of CTI, except for the
engineering, and drafting departments, and a few support people,

Check out a fun CTI event - Before “Realignment”:

(The recent history of a company called CTI)

The plan, now in the works, is for the PA division of Herley, to
take all the CTI products, our stockroom, and a good deal of
the equipment. CTI will be a support group only. The pipe dream
from Ultra, is that the PA division, can order parts, build, test,
and ship our products. (EW told Ultra that it will not be a
problem, since we have the best drawing packages of the 3

CTI and the New England division are working on a relatively
large job. All are somewhat behind schedule, and somewhere
along the line, the crap could hit the fan.

Since the "Realignment", (That's a bad word when used in
conjunction with any problem within the organization), EW
was removed from CTI. Unlike the captain of the Titanic, EW,
I guess with the help of the 4 Million Dollar Man, jumped
ship, to head sales in the 3 divisions. No formal announcement
was ever made by him at the time, to the few people left, prior
to his leaving. It was a true demonstration of employee loyalty.
The only two people here that EW ever relied on, for the direction
of the company, was the non-working sales force. It's the only problem
CTI ever really had, after losing the gogetters, quite a while back.
We now have a doer salesman from the PA division. He’s a real doer.
We had him here at CTI one time. I guess the non-working team
could do a better job.

The drinking continues:

(The recent history of a company called CTI)

Up to now, the only products from CTI, that were built and tested
in the PA division, were a complete failure. I was told: "We have
the best drawing packages of all the divisions." "It will be no
problem for the other divisions in taking on our products."
(I feel that there may be a quality control issue at the PA
division. But you didn't hear that from me.) The other possibility
is that I was right all along, when I voiced my thoughts on the
difficulties the other divisions will have. Oh well, I guess
that's why I'm not the boss. What do I know?

Think about it - The easiest product we make, cannot be
successfully manufactured, and tested, by the PA division!
We had trained them here. We also discovered that, for being
cheap, and buying the adapters they needed, at some equivalent
of Wal-Mart Microwave, they broke the first 10 units they touched.
One would think they would stop after 1 or 2 pieces, but no,
they waited until they damaged 10. (Like EW said – “We have the
best drawing packages.” “The PA division, will have no problems
with our products.”) What do I know?

Had Ultra really examined the problem up front, prior to shooting
from the hip, without doing even a miniscule amount of research
into what our division really does, and how difficult it is,
it could have easily been fixed. Instead they did the exact
opposite. All we needed, was to have the sales dept fixed. They
could have eliminate everyone on the suit side of the building,
except for the brilliant director of engineering, without whom
CTI could never go on. Without him, the doors would have to be
shut.That would eliminate a lot of salaries, and eliminate a lot
of unnecessary overhead.

The PA division could then have been our sales, accounting, and
general management facility. Our current production manager
has done a tremendous job of always meeting shipping goals,
with a minimum of anything being late. (That sure has changed)
It would not have taken a rocket scientist to figure it out.

So that is where CTI stands today. I hope that the grim skeletal
remains, of what was once a great company, that ran itself
like a fine tuned Swiss watch, can hang in there. Only time
will tell if it is too late to undo the "realignment" damage
done. (There I go again! Sorry - we can't use that word.)
The saga of stupidity Continues on. (More updates Coming)
The downward spiral, of a once great company, continues on.

The only logical conclusion I can draw from all this is: “Realignment” =


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"Probability of the human race surviving beyond the next 100 years: (Less than 10%)" - Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)

The video on the left, is not a warning. It is a fact.
It is the future, that our children, and grandchildren in Europe are now seeing.
Political correctness has destroyed Europe,
and is starting to destroy the United States.
Load up the pressure cookers - let the mayhem begin.

Click here to see what goes on now, on the streets of London. (This is NOW - What happens tomorrow?!)
This video on the left, graphically illustrates the ultimate
goal. You can look at London now. It is the beginning of
what's to come.

“This species, has amused itself to death.”
Roger Waters (1943 - )

The late Leonard Cohen, with lifetime, on-again / off-again, partner - Marianne. May they both rest in peace.

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