DELTA, Flight No. 666:
CTI - A Once Great Company:
CTI - The Good Old Days:
CTI - After The "Realignment":
When Things Were Great - Teaching In The Philippines:
Lloyd Kuhnle (Due To A Website "Realignment", All Travel Information, Has Crashed, And Burned)
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See the brave stars of the 2018 remake of OPEN WATER!
A few Thailand vacation shots:
Hey Alan - Could you please
keep you hands to yourself?

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NOTE: The building on the left, is CTI, after the Ultra take over.

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See Alice Cooper perform as King Herod, in the latest production of: "Jesus Christ Superstar"
This is my logical solution to the North Korea problem:

DELTA Airlines "Realignment"

As a testament to the strategy of �Realignment�, the example
below clearly illustrates it�s business sense, and success.

A British Electronics Co. acquired this prosperous shopping hub,
and within months, was able to save millions in payroll
dollars, after many key employees made their own voluntary
decision to step down, and pursue alternate challenges,
and opportunities.

Note that ZERO layoffs ever occurred!
"Realignment" - The sign of success. (The British way)

Temporarily Removed for my personal health!
Who was it that said, ULTRA Electronics doesn't
supply it's staff with company cars?! The PO has
already been signed, to purchase an entire fleet
of these honeys below:
The image below, is an artists conception, of the
final moments, of Delta, flight # 666, following
Delta's recent corporate mandated �Realignment�.
Delta's CFO is happy to report to stockholders, that
over $2.7 million, is predicted to be saved annually.

REMEMBER: �Realignment� = Downward Spiral

Check out a fun CTI event - Before �Realignment�:

The drinking continues:

The only logical conclusion I can draw from all this is: �Realignment� =


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"Probability of the human race surviving beyond the next 100 years: (Less than 10%)" - Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)

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The late Leonard Cohen, with lifetime, on-again / off-again, partner - Marianne. May they both rest in peace.

The View from our balcony looking out:

The view from our balcony looking in: